Riding horse


The Ranch offers you trekking lasting one or more days at the sign of a Riding Adventure. You are free to choose among a trip of one or two days. For details you can click on one the videos underneath.

Our specialized guides arrange also special trekking where our guests choose where to go, what to eat, where to sleep ….. anyway it is enough to tell us what you want to do, and how you want to live your Riding Adventure. We can arrange anything you like for you.

You can have food as you prefer. It can be cooked in the place where we stop and cooked in the old manner, with ancient flavour or you can have your meal in a place that we meet along our way. For the stay during the night you can choose a place where to sleep that we meet along our way or you can sleep in a tent or in the stazzo. You have only to tell us what you like to do and we think to all the remaining. Please contact us, and let us know what you prefer and we shall organize everything for you in order to enjoy at the top your Adventure Trekking.

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